Black Diamond Well Services Pte Ltd was established in Asia in early 2010 as a result of ever changing demands from the oil & gas and green energy markets for a new approach to Well-Services and Intervention provider who has a background in both service, and down hole and surface equipment manufacturing and who can provide a solution orientated approach.

We have invested heavily in the acquisition of both high quality, modular, small foot print, versatile equipment and have the capability to enhance the performance of our equipment to suit the customers demands and environments. We provide solutions to local service companies and independent oil companies as well globally recognized Service Company and major international oil companies.

We are able to offer an innovative and comprehensive service package, targeting cost effective Well Intervention solutions that can reduce well downtime, increase production, facilitate swift rig less or rig orientated well intervention or abandonments and bring added value to our Customer's energy business portfolio.

Our experienced predominately local personnel have the skills to provide a multi-skilled and multi-disciplined team to perform a combination of Slickline, Heavy-duty fishing, Cased hole services Eline-Logging, Micro-coil-capillary services, CTU services, fluid and nitrogen pumping as well as Downhole conveyance, and equipment design capabilities.

We are strategically headquartered in Singapore in a facility that we can provide many facets including, service, training, recertification, research-development and manufacturing we are well situated with operational bases currently in Thailand, Philippines, Kuwait with an appetite to expand Globally.

We are an accredited ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 company with a high respect for the health safety and quality of our personnel, services and equipment that we provide to our customers as well as our customers assets and personnel.

Our Directors and Investors have a strong technical and financial background with many years experience in the Oil and Gas Business and desire to innovate in the Well Services Arena.

Innovative Well Services

Safety, Experience, No Compromise

SMART Products

Innovation, Quality, Performance

WASP Cutter

The Black Diamond Wireline And Shear Pin (WASP) Cutter is constructed from cast steel with a hard wearing high speed steel inset blade. The two piece handle is easily removed for disassembly and storage.

The WASP uses an interlocking pendant gear and lever to make the cutting of wire and/or shearing of pins an easy and effortless task and with its linear measuring arm allows accurate cuts, multiple times, for all types shear stock for all well intervention running and pulling tools used in Well Services work.

Due to its compact design and ease of assembly, the WASP can be used on location or at the well or rig site by the Wireline Operator. Alternatively, the WASP can be wall mounted at the workshop, the tool shack door or wherever is most suitable.


  • Suitable for various sizes of slickline (0.092" - 0.188") and wireline and E-line (3/16" - 15/32")
  • Little to no redress required following cut
  • Compact design, easy to assemble
  • Light weight and portable (in carry case: 280 x 120 x 180 mm, 7.5 kg)

New products under development

  • DNV Micro Coil Power Reel
  • DNV Ultra High Pressure Jet Pump
  • 22,500 PSI Mobile Pressure Test Centre
  • 12,000 lbs Compact Variable Micro Injector Head
  • 45K scfm Mini N2 Converter


Ideal locations in Asia & Middle East